Sex Pillow?

Sex Pillow?

Have you ever heard of the “Pillow Trick ”? If you haven’t allow us to explain:

The so-called “Pillow Trick” is when you use a pillow underneath the pelvis to tilt it forwards, essentially allowing for better access to the g-spot and therefore, better pleasure. Putting a pillow underneath the hips during missionary or under the pelvis during lying-down-from-behind positions lift allows for more convenient angle for penetration, and Believe me when I tell you, this small change in Position, can make a world of a difference

As the you tilts forward , the vaginal canal straightens allowing more stimulation to the G-spot G-spot easier. As we already know, the G-spot is a pleasure pipeline, and has the power to expand your pleasure in many ways.

Allowing more gratifying sensations and opening doors for great sex! While using a pillow, try putting your legs over your Partner shoulders, or the “Lazy Dog” with a Pillow underneath you. how that feels.

Though you can use any regular pillow for sex, There are Pillows designed with Sex in mind. Our Pick is the Pillo By Dame.
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