Morning Sex?

Morning Sex?

Though sex is great at anytime of the day, Starting your day out with sex is definitely worth exploring.

For one, the boost of oxytocin and dopamine released during sex is more than enough to put you on the right side of the bed even if you woke up on the wrong.

On top of this, hormones in our bodies typically raise throughout the night. Testosterone levels increase which not only helps with erecting but also increases libido. As well as estrogen.

We all know “Morning Wood”, But did you know that people with Vulvas experience something similar. Where blood flow increases to the vagina, helping increase sensitivity, and often times making sex feel better. Some studies even show that women have stronger orgasms in the morning.

With all of this being said, Don’t expect to just wake up “In the mood”; Try creating one… Things like waking your partner up with a sensual massage may help but most importantly understand that “It may not happen this morning” which is okay.
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