Virginity is a social construct

Virginity is a social construct

Before we get into it , let’s define what a “Social social” construct is. “Social Construct: A concept that exists not in objective reality.” With this being true, im sure we can understand what exactly makes virginity one.

Unfortunately regardless of it being intangible, Virginity has been a topic of conversation at numerous points in our lives, and often used in a ways which devalue women, their sexual expression, and also perpetuate misogyny.

Often times a women’s Virginity is use to rate their chastity where as express the experience of boys. Which is altogether problematic

With that being said, lets set some things straight about “virginity”

1. Sex does not make you impure
2. Having sex for the first time is not a loss
3. Sex is not degrading for Women, nor empowering to Men.
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