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Eager Eggs

Eager Eggs

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Why are The Eager Eggs so great? Because of the plenty ways you can enjoy them. they can be enjoy with or with out a partner; Where both experience 7 different speed variants, or individually leaving both eggs for you and you alone. Either option is more than accessional

You will leave you and yours wanting more and more. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Simeon Cronin

Everything seems good in only not until the end is clear as in the charging socket will not get anything. Since there is no plug. After use I will add.

Allie Gaylord

The thing is definitely cool. )) Tactile sensations at altitude. Delivery is fast, by courier, packed well. bought for use in pairs. One part is uniform, the other part is with a bulging bugle that moves during vibration when turned on. The material is pleasant to the touch, the cord is long enough. Vibration is stronger in the part that is without convex. Use simply. suitable for couples and solo. I recommend definitely.

Diamond Goodwin

Does not break, already worked once 5-10 and everything is normal

Katrine Cummerata

Super for two Price/quality Hood) Took for travel, easy

Felicity Fisher

Accurate Description of super fast delivery box is completely confidential